Moment of Truth: Impacting Radio!

Jennifer’s 2nd Unbreakable single is coming to radio in March! “Moment of Truth”, written by Jennifer McGill and chart-topping Christian artist Kerrie Roberts, is a song about drawing a spiritual line in the sand and deciding to follow God’s voice. Jennifer, at the age of 30, reached her most important Moment of Truth when her […]

Worship Cafe interviews Jennifer McGill

Join Jennifer McGill as she talks to Ken & Mary of Worship Cafe Inspirational Radio about her testimony and the meaning behind several songs from her “Unbreakable” album! “Jennifer has a fascinating story about how God worked in her life, and how God led her out of her crisis. I love Jennifer’s passion for what […]

Jennifer McGill on AME Television

AME Television goes to Hollywood Studios to meet Jennifer McGill, a “Mouseketeer” who used to tape The Disney Channel’s “New Mickey Mouse Club” TV Show in this very park (formerly Disney MGM Studios)! Jennifer’s career began right here, about 30 years ago, and now she is our tour guide to the spots where “MMC” was […]


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