The Rogers Revue: The Unbreakable Jennifer McGill

The Rogers Revue: The Unbreakable Jennifer McGill

“On this edition INTERVUE, our guest was part of the “The Mickey Mouse Club” on The Disney Channel from 1989 – 1994. Not only that she had the honor of being the most recent artist in our “Single of the Week”, for us, the children of the 80’s & 90’s, we watched her on MMC from the first episode to the final. She is an amazing talented performer. TODAY, she is dropping her first album “Unbreakable” onto the world. Joining us is the wonderful, talented, jovial Jennifer McGill.

We have seen you grow-up on the MMC for seven spectacular seasons. In fact, you were one of three people to go from the first to the final episode. I like to know how did you get to be part of that phenomenon and what are some of your fondest memories of being part of MMC?

I am still boggled on how on earth Matt Casella chose me as the young blonde haired blue-eyed girl out of the sea of young blonde haired blue-eyed girls he had to choose from. So I don’t know (laughs) how that happened but he believed in me…”

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