Beyond Your Hot Mess

Beyond Your Hot Mess

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Can you see beyond your hot mess?! To be glorified, to have joy, to live a good life…what does that mean to you? The world sees glory as fame and fortune, joy as happiness, and a good life as anything more than just surviving this world. Romans 8:28-30 tells me I have already been glorified by God through Christ Jesus, that my joy in the Lord is more than the coming and going of emotions like happiness, and that living a good life is becoming more and more like Jesus (who chose to love and forgive as he suffered hot messes like betrayal and murder, remember?) Today I encourage you to focus on what you’re thankful for, on how you can spread God’s love and mercy to those with hotter messes than yours, and to blast all over social media that you’re besties with the most famous, glorious, generous person ever…Jesus Christ!

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