Maturity In Weakness

Maturity In Weakness

I am known for appearing strong and independent, and the world gives this reputation a big hooray! My not-so-secret secret is that my greatest strength has nothing to do with being self sufficient…I entrust my weaknesses to Jesus! When I acknowledge this to the world, I open myself up to being labeled as ignorant and immature.

When hardship and suffering hit you, do you start believing the whispers that God doesn’t love you, that your trust in Him is a weakness? Jesus, God in human form, who already had the heavens and angels at His command, suffered and died, knowing He would get nothing in return…because He loves US! Trusting in God, who subjected Himself to more hardship and suffering than I will ever know, is the most mature thing I will ever do!!! Out of anyone or anything you could trust with your weaknesses, give them to Jesus! Be encouraged that you are strong enough to be dependent on the Lord!

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