Topics Include:

  • L.E.D. Away from your Purpose
  • Excellence: How to Live
  • Feeling “Past Your Prime of Purpose”
  • Winning When You Lose
  • God Goggles 101: It’s All About Perspective

Jennifer can lead worship solo with just a piano, with a full band and singers or anything in between. Jennifer is also available as a Singer for special events.

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Testimonials about Jennifer

From a pastoral perspective, I’ve known Jennifer McGill for several years and if I could describe her in a word it would be Outstanding! As a leader she stands out. As a minister she stands out. As a communicator she stands out. As a vocalist she stands out. As a worshiper she stands out.

Jennifer has filled many roles while at our church. . . . Jennifer carries an exceptional balance of integrity, talent, leadership and anointing. . . . Whether speaking at a conference or leading worship on any stage in the world, I would highly recommend Jennifer for any needed ministry capacity. She truly is an exceptional, anointed and gifted blessing to the Body of Christ.

Pastor Aaron Davis
Associate Pastor – Oasis Church

Jennifer McGill is a rare force of energy, humor, insight and vulnerability, making her a dynamic speaker for your event. Jennifer does not simply talk “at” you, she talks “with” you. She weaves the highs and the lows of her life experiences into a tapestry that everyone is sure to see a piece of themselves in.

Jennifer’s vulnerability allows you to actually journey with her, and along the way learn and be inspired from both her mistakes and her wisdom. Her genuine concern for people is evident with every word she speaks. Her desire to see you live your best life is obvious after spending time with her. It is rare, in this world today, to find someone who knows that their journey in life has been for a reason. Jennifer empowers people to have hope. To keep dreaming. To find their strength in faith. To be the best “you” you were created to be.

Jennifer is that one person that you will drop your walls with, listen to her honest conversation and allow her to light a spark of hope and inspiration in your life.

Time spent with Jennifer McGill will have you walking away knowing that you just spent time with your new best friend.

Don’t miss out on a chance to bring this amazing young woman to your event. It will have benefits far beyond the here and now and she will leave you with more than you could have ever imagined.

Nick Kroger
Holy Land Experience, Trinity Broadcast Network
Production Manager / Director / Worship Leader

The true test for any testimony is if the subject has been immersed in real life experiences. Jennifer has experienced life in so many different ways that her witness of God’s love and grace in her faith journey will speak to all who are able to listen to her. The fact that young and old are captured by her words proves that she can connect to so many people just by telling her life story. The choices and decisions that she has made are Biblically based and spot on. Add to this her stunning musical ability and it is an event of great proportions. It is impossible not to be moved by her amazing voice as she sings with the utmost sincerity, praise and commitment to Jesus Christ. Here is a real professional musician that humbly testifies with word and song about her faith and life. A truly unforgettable experience!

Rev. Ferdi Brits
Presbyterian Church of the Lakes

To BOOK Jennifer, visit the Contact Page of or send an email to


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