Cross Rhythms Review: “Powerhouse”!

New “Unbreakable” album review! “McGill is a powerhouse…This album will leave you feeling encouraged, empowered and like you could stand up and belt out a tune too!” ~Joy Attmore Read full review HERE!

The Overdrive Show

Former “Mickey Mouse Club” star Jennifer McGill sits down with DJ Ginger of The Overdrive Show to talk about her new full length album “Unbreakable” and the path that lead her to the lyrics. Full interview HERE!

Corner Cafe Radio

Technically speaking, Jennifer McGill is making her official worldwide debut as a singer/songwriter with the abundantly anticipated album Unbreakable. But even though she’s being tagged a “new artist” for the very first time knocking unashamedly at the door of 40 while insisting you’re “never past your prime of purpose,” this is far from her first […]

“The 700 Club” features Jennifer McGill

Watch/Read full interview HERE! “Jennifer McGill was a shining star on “The New Mickey Mouse Club”. She had already won many pageants and talent competitions as a small child. Then at eleven, she auditioned, with thousands of other eager kids, to be a Mouseketeer…Throughout those seven years on the show, Jennifer performed with several budding […]

The Douglas Coleman Show interviews Jennifer McGill

Jennifer appeared in all 300+ episodes of The All-New Mickey Mouse Club (1989-1994) along with fellow castmates Justin Timberlake, Christina Aguilera, JC Chasez, Ryan Gosling, Keri Russell and Britney Spears, among others…By the time she graduated, she was told that she didn’t have “the look,” sounded “too old” and that she didn’t resonate with the bubblegum […]

Jennifer’s Cover Story in Faith Filled Family Magazine!

“All was not lost, however, and her life began- divinely- to take a turn for the better.  Thanks to God’s intervention, Jennifer began to find herself taken to heights that she had only dreamed about…Former Mouseketeer Gives Testimony That God’s Plan Always Prevails…” Read full article HERE!


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