Worship Cafe interviews Jennifer McGill

Join Jennifer McGill as she talks to Ken & Mary of Worship Cafe Inspirational Radio about her testimony and the meaning behind several songs from her “Unbreakable” album! “Jennifer has a fascinating story about how God worked in her life, and how God led her out of her crisis. I love Jennifer’s passion for what […]

Jennifer McGill on AME Television

AME Television goes to Hollywood Studios to meet Jennifer McGill, a “Mouseketeer” who used to tape The Disney Channel’s “New Mickey Mouse Club” TV Show in this very park (formerly Disney MGM Studios)! Jennifer’s career began right here, about 30 years ago, and now she is our tour guide to the spots where “MMC” was […]

Monica Schmelter interviews Jennifer McGill on Bridges

Musical powerhouse and inspiration Jennifer McGill joins us to dish on her new album, UNBREAKABLE. Jennifer grew up as a “Mouseketeer” on The Disney Channel’s “New Mickey Mouse Club”. Today, she shares about the experiences and revelations that have helped her grow as a Christian. Catch a sneak peek at her latest music video, “Unbreakable!” Watch full […]

Jennifer McGill appears on “Tina Talks Truth” TV Show!

Tina Levene: “Who is Jennifer McGill ??? Just my favorite 90’s The New Mickey Mouse Club Mouseketeer and recording artist! Jennifer McGill is also my FUN guest! Watch her inspirational interview and how she is allowing God to lead her on the stage and off! She sings 3 songs that will make you get up […]

Cross Rhythms Review: “Powerhouse”!

New “Unbreakable” album review! “McGill is a powerhouse…This album will leave you feeling encouraged, empowered and like you could stand up and belt out a tune too!” ~Joy Attmore Read full review HERE!

The Overdrive Show

Former “Mickey Mouse Club” star Jennifer McGill sits down with DJ Ginger of The Overdrive Show to talk about her new full length album “Unbreakable” and the path that lead her to the lyrics. Full interview HERE!

Corner Cafe Radio

Technically speaking, Jennifer McGill is making her official worldwide debut as a singer/songwriter with the abundantly anticipated album Unbreakable. But even though she’s being tagged a “new artist” for the very first time knocking unashamedly at the door of 40 while insisting you’re “never past your prime of purpose,” this is far from her first […]


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