Jennifer McGill

               Jennifer McGill is a speaker and singer with over 30 years of experience in front of audiences around the world, performing with talented individuals including Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Ryan Gosling, Boyz II Men, Alanis Morissette, Keri Russell, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Vanessa Williams. Jennifer began her career at age 10 as a Mouseketeer on The Disney Channel’s “New Mickey Mouse Club” and has progressed into leading worship at multiple churches for the last 15 years, including TBN’s “Praise The Lord”, with Michael W. Smith, Donnie McClurken, Martha Munizzi, Jason Crabb, Carman, and Danny Gokey. Jennifer wrote, directed, and performs in two live touring shows, “Bravehearted Girls: Warrior Princess Quest” and “Freedom Fighters: Living Fearless”. She is releasing her first full-length solo album this summer, entitled “Unbreakable”, as well as authoring a book scheduled to be released this fall. Jennifer’s current projects reflect the long road of restoration she has traveled, and her passion to share what she’s learned about victory in spiritual battle and confidence in purpose.


“Jennifer is that one person that you will drop your walls with, listen to her honest conversation and allow her to light a spark of hope and inspiration in your life.”

Nick Kroger
Holy Land Experience, Trinity Broadcast Network

“With a beauty that shines from the depths of who she is, she will encourage and inspire an audience that will never leave disappointed.”

Denisa Kingrea
Children’s Pastor – Oasis Church
P.E.A.K Author & Director

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Worship Leader/Singer

“If I could describe Jennifer in a word it would be Outstanding! . . . As a leader she stands out. As a vocalist she stands out. As a worshiper she stands out.”

Pastor Aaron Davis
Associate Pastor – Oasis Church

“Here is a real professional musician that humbly testifies with word and song about her faith and life. A truly unforgettable experience!”

Rev. Ferdi Brits
Presbyterian Church of the Lakes

For more about Jennifer and Leading Worship, visit the Jennifer Sings page.

For more Testimonials, visit the Testimonials page.

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