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                 Jennifer McGill is a speaker, blogger, and vlogger, focusing on how to see through the best perspective each day, to view our lives and to truly trust that, in Christ, we always have a purpose.  Jennifer has learned, many times the hard way, that having the proper perspective about yourself and your situations is the first step in living life the way God intended.

                Jennifer is an animated and relatable storyteller whose unique one-of-a-kind journey encompasses multiple topics that explain life at its peak, at its lowest, and everything in between.  Her speaking style will have people engaged, interacting, laughing, and crying as they learn practical take-home steps to live out the life God has planned for them.  When possible, Jennifer loves to sing while speaking to further inspire her audience and enhance the impact of her message. She uses the written word to sow motivation and encouragement into people’s lives.  Jennifer has a heart to use her gifts to help people deal with their daily fears and struggles, as well as find grace, peace, and restoration in the midst of the grind of daily living.

                Jennifer has shared her testimony on Trinity Broadcast Network’s Praise The Lord! and has encouraged thousands to find their identity in Christ, loving themselves and seeing the truth about themselves through God’s word.  Jennifer also tours with “Bravehearted Girls: The Warrior Princess Quest”, encouraging parents and young girls to be loving, strong, and bold for God’s kingdom.

“No matter what opportunities or obstacles may come my way, I strive to glorify God by being excellent with what He gives me, one day at a time!” ~Jennifer McGill

Jennifer's Most Popular Topics

The topics below are just some of the things I feel equipped and called to talk about.

Feel free to reach out to me, via my Contacts page, to discuss my popular topics or the possibility of speaking about your desired theme!

Living An Unbreakable Life

Have you ever allowed someone or something else besides God to define your worth? Have you ever been your own worst critic? I know what it’s like to allow the negativity of the world to hit me so hard that I constantly fell apart. It took me 20 years to realize I couldn’t put myself back together without God. We live in a broken world of unreliable opinions, standards, and labels, but God did not create us to battle the spiritual hits of life on our own.

Talking points:

-What it means to be “Unbreakable”

-Self Worth: What God says about your talents, purpose, and journey

-Key decisions of “adulting”: choosing the world vs choosing God

-Fake the Fix: What avoiding God looks like in every day life.

-Looking for love in all the wrong places

-The dangers of people pleasing

-Self care from the inside out

-The real enemy behind the world’s bullies and negativity

God Goggles 101

Perspective is everything. When I say “Got your God Goggles?”, I’m asking about how you look at yourself and the world. Seeing our situations through God’s eyes is an entirely different perspective than what most of us experience on a daily basis.

Why? Because we get too busy, too wrapped up in what others think, too overwhelmed with obstacles, too focused on the wrong things…or maybe we are missing the Truth. Every day is an opportunity to adjust our perspective in order to see who God really made us to be and what our purpose is in Christ.

Through both the exciting and terrible experiences in my life, and everything in between, I had to learn how to put on my “God Goggles” to view those experiences and learn from them, as well as move forward towards fulfilling my God-prepared purpose. Seeing beyond your pain, obstacles, and the lies of this world is not easy, and I have to choose to put on my “God Goggles” every single day.

By equipping YOU to put on YOUR “God Goggles,” I hope to save you a few detours, and encourage you to live in a more positive, purpose-filled way!

Feeling "Past Your Prime" of Purpose

At 21 years old, the record industry told me I was too old, too fat, and too smart to become a legitimate recording artist. For the first time in my life as a “career kid,” I was lost, with no identity or validation from the world. I felt like I was already past my prime! My long, painful journey toward finding my identity and validation in Jesus has changed my perspective on purpose entirely!

I want to show you what the word of God says about your identity, talents, beauty, and purpose in Christ! The pressures of age, looks, and status are only of this world, but if you know what God says about you, you will know you are NEVER past your prime of purpose!


One of the most memorable things I learned in elementary school was how to put myself out if I caught on fire: STOP, DROP, and ROLL. Now that I’m all grown up, I use these three simple steps to extinquish my self destructive thinking!

STOP the Thought, DROP the Charges, and ROLL Forward!

Fires happen. Sometimes they are accidents. Sometimes they are set on purpose. Whatever the reason your latest fire got started, I can show you how to prevent your first sparks from growing into flames which can consume you!

Meet God For Coffee

Having trouble talking to God? Not sure where to start, or how to start again? It can feel overwhelming, but to take the pressure off, I suggest “meeting God for coffee!” Approach this new beginning as if you’re meeting a new friend to get to know each other better, or reconnecting with an old aquaintance. Relax, get comfortable, and just talk to Him. The number one thing God wants from us is a true relationship.

Growing up in a home where we mostly prayed at dinner and church, I was not taught how to build a day to day, intimate relationship with God. It wasn’t until I was at a very painful and lost place in my life that I got on my knees and reached out to Jesus with all of my heart. That moment of change in my life began with praying, or meeting with God, and telling Him what was going on in my life, how I needed Him, and how I could not move forward without Him. Nowadays, I can’t imagine NOT talking to Him on a regular basis, even about the smallest details in my life that excite or sadden my heart!

I want to show you how to take the first steps to getting to know God better, and what God’s word says about Him being your Friend! I’ll help you understand the difference between keeping God at a distance and building an intimate relationship with Him. Remember, God has never left your side!

EXCELLENCE: How To Live By God's Definition

Have you noticed that excellence is not as prevalent as it used to be? Have you wondered why mediocrity and ‘good enough’ has become an acceptable standard? Do you find yourself doing just enough to get by, without being concrned about the how? You may not know the difference between God’s definition of excellence and the world’s definition.

Excellence is NOT perfection!

We will never be perfect, but that doesn’t mean we should avoid striving for excellence altogether!

I became a professional entertainer at age 10, training under the pressures of working on a popular TV show for 7 years. In following years, I continued to live by the world’s definition of excellence, striving to measure up to the impossible standards of show business, and I failed to be perfect every single day!

When I finally gave Jesus my heart, He changed my perspective on excellence, showing me in His word that God created me as a masterpiece, that His strength is made perfect in my weakness. Though I am passionate about being the best I can be in life, I now live by God’s definition of excellence!

I want to show you the difference between how God calls us to live and how the world tells us we should live. I will equip you with the understanding of what true excellence is, the practical steps to achieving it, and the desire to strive for it!

L.E.D. Away From Your Purpose

I want to show you how to recognize:

1) LIES you believe,

2) EXCUSES you make,

and 3) DISTRACTIONS out of your control…

and how to get back on track when you know what the word of God says about them!

God Is My Casting Director

Having experienced over 25 years of auditions, rejections, and, yes, sometimes booking the job, I can attest that an auditioner’s actual job is to do your best…NOT to get the job! Making someone else’s decision is as much out of your control as the situation you are born into!

I encourage you to strive for excellence with what God gives you, one day at a time, and to let God be the ultimate casting director in your life.  Let God give you your purpose, prepared in advance just for you!

Winning When You Lose

Jennifer McGill talks about her Mouseketeer days on The New Mickey Mouse Club, “true” excellence vs “world” excellence, and how to WIN when you LOSE.

[BoomTown interview  Oasis Church, Nashville]


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