Moment of Truth: Impacting Radio!

Moment of Truth: Impacting Radio!

Jennifer’s 2nd Unbreakable single is coming to radio in March! “Moment of Truth”, written by Jennifer McGill and chart-topping Christian artist Kerrie Roberts, is a song about drawing a spiritual line in the sand and deciding to follow God’s voice.

Jennifer, at the age of 30, reached her most important Moment of Truth when her life was spiraling out of control. Instead of continuing to go her own way, she chose to get down on her knees and re-dedicate her life to Jesus. Jennifer spent the next several years learning how to develop a genuinely intimate relationship with Jesus. “Now Jesus is at the center of everything I do!”, she exclaims. “This song was written to let people know that no matter where they are or what they have done, they can choose to turn things around in their Moment of Truth with God.”

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