Mouse Lounge Podcast Interviews Jennifer McGill!

Mouse Lounge Podcast Interviews Jennifer McGill!

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“…a very special interview with former Mouseketeer, Jennifer McGill. She was one of the few cast members who was on the show all seven seasons in the 1990s! Jennifer has released a new deluxe single on iTunes, a cover of her 1993 hit, “Hanging On For Dear Life”, [for a limited time only] and “This Little Light”, an original work co-composed with producer, Jeff Savage. Jennifer speaks candidly and fondly of her experience growing up as a Mouseketeer, and what has led up to her new release.” ~ Gary Chambers, Mouse Lounge

Mouse Lounge Podcast: Season 6, Episode 13, “March 25 show” (Jennifer’s interview starts 51:20)

Listen to full episode HERE!

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