The Dragyn’s Lair Interviews Jennifer McGill

The Dragyn’s Lair Interviews Jennifer McGill


The Dragyn’s Lair interviews Jennifer about her experiences on the set of “The New Mickey Mouse Club”, how she works on music today, and her future plans!

The New Mickey Mouse Club was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that I got to experience for 7 years! Being so young, I couldn’t comprehend how special this new chapter in my life would be. To me, I was just continuing on the road of my young little life, and this road felt very normal…I belonged to the best ‘boot camp’ of its time for talented children who love to perform! I am a better entertainer, teacher, musician, and person because of my time spent on The New Mickey Mouse Club!…It was hard work and there were challenges, but I consider everything to be priceless training for my future career and precious memories only a few kids on earth ever got to share!”

Check out full interview HERE!

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