Jennifer McGill is a speaker and singer with over 30 years of experience in front of audiences around the world, performing with talented individuals including Christina Aguilera, Celine Dion, Ryan Gosling, Boys II Men, Alanis Morissette, Keri Russell,  Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, and Vanessa Williams. Jennifer began her career at age 10 as a Mousekateer on The Disney Channel's "New Mickey Mouse Club" and has progressed into leading worship at multiple churches for the last 7 years, including TBN’s “Praise The Lord” with Michael W. Smith, Donnie McClurken, Martha Munizzi, Jason Crabb, and Carman. She is an animated and relatable storyteller whose unique one-of-a-kind journey engages and inspires her audiences through a roller coaster of laughter and tears. Jennifer has a heart to use her speaking, singing, and written words to help people find grace, peace, and restoration in the midst of the grind of daily living. 

Thought of the Week

"Famously Joyous Gal"

Joy has been with me my entire life...she gave birth to me, named me Jennifer Joy McGill, was sitting across from me the moment she entered heaven, and I carry her in my heart everywhere I go.  My mother was an amazing woman, and I'm proud to say that most people who knew her say that I remind them so much of her.  I am indeed my mother's daughter!  But for many years after she had passed away, I did not reflect much of her at all.  I was 24 years old when I lost my Joy.  Looking back on my first moments without her, when I wrapped my arms around my dad and he said, "...just pray...", I closed my eyes, and it's as if I didn't open them for 6 years.  

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Jennifer's Featured News
New Interview! "Living The Dream Podcast"

Jennifer McGill tells "Living The Dream Podcast" about the ups and downs of being a Mouseketeer, her current and upcoming projects, as well as how God is central in her identity and who she has become today!

Jennifer McGill Talks Ryan Gosling!

Jennifer McGill is featured in Yahoo! Celebrity's article commemorating the 25th Anniversary release of The Notebook, and Ryan Gosling's rise to "heartthrob status".  Jennifer remembers Ryan's charm, professionalism, and, oh yeah, one sweet kiss!

Jennifer McGill Exclusive!

Jennifer McGill's exclusive interview with Reap Mediazine, where she goes deep about everything from "The New Mickey Mouse Club" days to April's release of her self-titled EP!

Jennifer Sings "Let It Go" LIVE!

New on YouTube!: Jennifer McGill sings "Let It Go" from the Disney movie, Frozen!  You gotta check out this LIVE performance! You may have heard Elsa sing it countless times, but now you need to hear Jennifer McGill !!!

Jennifer publishes 1st Vlog!
Jennifer shares about her experiences being led away from her purpose and how we can recognize the Lies, Excuses and Distractions that can cause us to detour.
"When you see yourself and life the way God does (through your 'God Goggles') everything becomes clear."
~Jennifer McGill
New self-titled EP just released

Pick up Jennifer's self titled EP "Jennifer McGill," available on:

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